Monday, February 28, 2005

Gonzales Watch: Obscenity and Invoices

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Now, on to the meat: Gonzales watch updates!

Hey, good to see the guy who believes in torture also doesn't believe in free speech. At least we know where we stand, not unlike our Dear Leader.

Gonzales: I'll prosecute obscenity cases

WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Monday he would move aggressively to prosecute obscenity cases, and he laid out a broader agenda much like that of his predecessor, John Ashcroft.

In his first lengthy address since becoming attorney general in early February, Gonzales said people who distribute obscene materials do not enjoy constitutional guarantees of free speech.

"I am committed to prosecuting these crimes aggressively," he said to a Washington meeting of the California-based Hoover Institution.

The Justice Department is appealing the dismissal of an obscenity case in Pittsburgh in which a federal judge said prosecutors went too far in trying to block the sale of pornographic movies over the Internet and through the mail. The case initially was prosecuted under Ashcroft.

More at the Seattle Intelligencer.

Second item, and this is great, the governor of Arionza has sent invoices to Gonzales asking for $118 million to care for "criminal undocumented immigrants." Right on! It's about time the states stood up for themselves. The article itself is a humor piece, but that bit of news is real enough...

Invoices alert
Excuse us, sir, but we need a solution on prison costs of undocumented immigrants

Feb. 28, 2005 12:00 AM

Gov. Janet Napolitano has sent a pair of invoices to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to the tune of $118 million for the cost of incarcerating criminal undocumented immigrants in Arizona over the past 18 months. We'd like to take her cue and send this letter to another Washington bigwig.

More at The Arizona Republic.

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