Thursday, March 10, 2005

Now Ahnuld's Getting in on the Act

And by act, I really do mean act. Here's the story...

Aides Concede More Mock News Videos
Tapes praise governor's proposals on nurse staffing, teachers. Legislators plan probe.
By Dan Morain, Times Staff Writer

SACRAMENTO — A week after Democratic legislators faulted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for using taxpayer money to produce "propaganda" in the form of a mock news video, the administration on Wednesday acknowledged making several others to advance its policies.

A state senator intends to question officials today about the funding and distribution of the videos.

Initially, legislators focused on one tape extolling an administration proposal to end mandatory lunch breaks for hourly workers. But additional videos have surfaced in which the administration is promoting a cut in the number of nurses required on duty in hospitals, pay for teachers based on merit rather than seniority and a more stringent tenure track.

A video was also produced on Schwarzenegger's plan to lower prescription drug prices, but it has not been released. Officials said it was a draft.

The other tapes, formatted as television news stories, were sent to stations statewide starting in December. Some news outlets aired portions of the video about lunch breaks, which state officials, who monitored usage of the tape, characterized as a news release.

From The LA Times.

I suppose I can understand...I mean, they need to offset the whole liberal media bias, right? And what better way to do it than to take taxpayer money and counter that bias?

Oh wait, that's a horrible idea. For once, I'm glad it's not my money being used to pay for lies, but I have to feel sympathy for Californians. Get the guy in, and he's already using the typical tricks. Good luck with that, CA...

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