Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Contingency Plan for Another 9/11 Includes Nuking Iran?

Where the hell is this in the news? Hopefully this is just a contingency plan and not as wild as it seems. Otherwise, holy Christ, we would be a new Nazi Germany.

I hate to quote people verbatim, but I found this Pesty13480 posted on the Something Awful Forums pretty thought-provoking:

The world will be a far more interesting place when we eventually violate the nuclear taboo once and for all. It'll start small, bunker busters and such, until people realize that they could use slightly bigger versions to wipe out enemy divisions and fortifications. Then why not a little bigger? And bigger than that? I think it's one case where the slippery slope is a valid possibility. It will also be cute to see the reactions on the faces of everyday Americans when someone eventually works up the courage to use their own nuclear device on US troops. I can imagine the screams of bloody murder already, and demands for blood; I can also see the right screaming about the "blame America first" crowd when someone brings up, inevitably, that we started it first by doing it to them.

I can't imagine what will happen to the world if this happens. I can only hope that we remain one of those crazy people you don't quite dare to provoke, at least until we get some saner politicians in charge. Some frightening shit to contemplate.

Oh, here's the original story:

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