Friday, July 01, 2005

I Might as Well Draw a Picture of Me Exploding...

It really couldn’t be any closer to the truth. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past, oh, I don’t know, two or three hours, you know that Sandra Day O’Connor has announced she’s out of here, heading home to take care of her sick husband or hide in a bunker in the mountains or some such shit, which means that everyone’s favorite fundamentalist social conservative, yours and mine favorite Butt-Boy, Bush, gets to pick at least one Supreme Court Justice more than we expected (we can at least admit that Skeletor, I mean Rehnquist, was a given). There are lots of possible nominees at this point that I’m too tired and depressed to list here because, frankly, most of them suck shit (as does anything that Bush’s reverse Midas touch fondles), and I’m not wasting precious breathing time on them. I will, however, suggest that he nominate Barney , because then at least his batshittery will be hilarious in hindsight. If it’s good enough for Caligula, it’s good enough for us, I say.

Anyway. at this point, it looks like the Republicans want the nominee on the Court before the next term starts. AND GUESS WHAT THEY’RE COVERING NEXT TERM, GUYS??? THAT’S RIGHT:

The U.S. Supreme Court said it will hear abortion rights-related cases next term, including one that deals with abortion protesters' actions at clinics.

CNN said the nation's highest court will decide whether racketeering laws can be applied to people who stage protests outside abortion clinics. In 1988, the court said the laws could be used against the protesters but in 2003 the Supreme Court reversed that decision.

Abortion rights supporters say applying racketeering laws to the protesters cut down on illegal and sometimes violent acts against people at clinics. Anti-abortion protesters say their actions are protected by the First Amendment.

The court is also to consider a case from New Hampshire dealing with access to abortion, CNN said. A federal appeals court has thrown out a state law about parental notification because it doesn't include adequate exceptions in case of an emergency. State officials claim it does.

Holy sweet Jesus, let’s just take the Constitution out of the Archives, stand around it in a circle, piss on it, then douse it in gasoline, set it on fire, and scatter the ashes to the four winds because that fucker will effectively be gone once he’s done. I think we should just accept that Bush-Boy is gonna appoint a Social Conservative Jesus nut for this spot and when Skeletor retires, he'll appoint another. So! we've got 30+ years of The United States of Protestant God.

I'm not normally one for alcohol during the day, but screw it, it’s Vodkas and Tonics for me. Sing a song, dance a dance, we're all fucked, ladies and gentlemen. All that’s left is for the psychodrama to play out. Hallelujah, amen.

Posted by crimnos @ 12:29 PM