Sunday, August 28, 2005

Massive War Protest Scheduled in DC for September 24-26

All right, it looks like the time is right to bring Cindy Sheehan's message back here to Washington and get the ball rolling on some real changes. Find out more about it at United for Peace. I'm seriously considering making some sort of effort to join in. Who knows, I might even get tear gassed! Oh boy!

Also read that the mayor of Salt Lake city of all places led a several-thousand citizen protest against the war/Bush's appearance at the veteran's convention that seemed to have more than a few guys in suits and veterans last week. It seems that the message is moving beyond the normal niche of war protestors and into the mainstream. I've also noticed a lot less magnet ribbons lately. Looks like tide is turning, at last. At least, I hope.

Posted by crimnos @ 12:50 PM