Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More on Katrina

I’m putting the usual political thing on hold today as the situation in New Orleans continues to deteriorate. It’s like the premise of a sci-fi movie, a whole city sinking, people wandering the roads with nowhere to go, shooting looters, hostage situations, prison riots…we’re witnessing the decivilization of an entire city. I want to weep for the people who are still stuck in the city as well as those who have lost loved ones and homes in this disaster.

WWL TV in New Orleans has kept a running blog of what is happening…it’s been the first thing I’ve checked as the situation has gone on. As of 8:23 this morning, here’s what has come in over the last two hours:

7:06 A.M. - Governor Blanco wants the Superdome evacuated within two days.
6:57 A.M. - Governor Blanco: "Absolutely necessary" that the Army Corps of Engineers drop sandbags into the levee breach.
6:50 A.M. - Sen. Landrieu: The whole parish of St. Bernard is gone.
6:27 A.M. - (AP) Conditions in New Orleans hospitals deteriorate.
6:22 A.M. - (AP) No time to count the dead as rescue efforts continue.

I’m also glad to see that the governor has said that saving lives is more important than shooting looters, but I’m saddened that she believes the entire city will be underwater soon. It really says a lot about what is to come.

Okay, it wouldn’t be the Junkheap without some sort of rage or humor. Here it is for you: the truth is that Katrina was a raging superfetus bent on the destruction of our nation! Here’s the text of an email received by Eve’s Apple:

From: Columbia Christians for Life
Subject: Hurricane Katrina satellite image looks like 6-week fetus
To: Columbia Christians for Life

Satellite picture of Hurricane Katrina at looks like a 6-week unborn human child as it comes ashore the Gulf Coast, vicinity states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida at 12:32 PM, Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane "Katrina" (reportedly means "Pure" in Russian) - satellite image - Monday, 29 Aug 05, 12:32 PM (EDT) - coming ashore Gulf Coast - satellite image looks like 6-week fetus

check out NOAA website:

The image of the hurricane above with its eye already ashore at 12:32 PM Monday, August 29 looks like a fetus (unborn human baby) facing to the left (west) in the womb, in the early weeks of gestation (approx. 6 weeks). Even the orange color of the image is reminiscent of a commonly used pro-life picture of early prenatal development (see sign with picture of 8-week pre-born human child below). In this picture, and in another picture in today's on-line edition of USA Today*, this hurricane looks like an unborn human child.

Louisiana has 10 child-murder-by-abortion centers - FIVE are in New Orleans ('Find an Abortion Clinic [sic]')

Baby-murder state # 1 - California (125 abortion centers) - land of earthquakes, forest fires, and mudslides
Baby-murder state # 2 - New York (78 abortion centers) - 9-11 Ground Zero
Baby-murder state # 3 - Florida (73 abortion centers) - Hurricanes Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne in 2004; and now, Hurricane Katrina in 2005

God's message: REPENT AMERICA !

You fucking nutballs.

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