Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So This is How Bush Treats the Families of Those Whom He's Killed

To get those of you who may not know up to speed, Cindy Sheehan is the mother of an American soldier, Casey Sheehan, who was sent to and died in Iraq. Cindy announced her plans awhile back to take a trip to Crawford, Texas when the Emperor returned to his Ranch, planning to question him on the war and confront him for all the deaths he's caused. Yeah, okay, probably a foolish, quixotic trip, but powerfully symbolic for what it's worth, and I don't begrudge her. You can see her interview with Wolf Shi...I mean Blitzer about the trip at Crooks and Liars. She tells the whole story of Casey's unfortunate death, as well as her reasons for being there. If you don't want to watch the interview, you can view her DailyKos diary here.

Particularly wrenching is her description of meeting him last June at a meeting to honor fallen soldiers, where he met with each family individually. He didn't know Casey's name (though you can be sure he does now), didnt't want to see pictures of Casey, and kept referring to him "as your loved one". Everytime they tried to talk about Casey, he changed the subject, and acted like it was a party (and watch Blitzer kiss the President's ass in the final accounting during the video).

Lots of good people went to join her in Crawford, taking a stand together. Good to see, you know? Well, the Bush Administration decided to take this opportunity to show its contempt for the American people by, rather than meeting with her, first threatening to arrest her as a threat to National Security, then forcing them to camp in a ditch filled with fire ants, to being blocked by the county sheriff's department for walking on the road, to the Deputy Chief of Staff and George's personal National Security advisor coming out to intimidate them into submission, to the Secret Service continuously warning the group that we were going to get run over and killed during the night. Just what you'd expect out of these people: A constant barrage of intimidation for those who dare to speak out against his bullshit war.

The American people deserve to know what their Government is doing in their names.

I think Ralph from newsfare said it best:

"George W. Bush has been and continues to be a mass murderer. He is now and will forever be surrounded by the spirits and memories of those whom he has killed.

Decent people would be wise to shun Bush as well as every one of his accomplices in genocide. Such criminals need to be removed from office, with no chance that they will become ineradicable ghouls like Oliver North, G. Gordon Liddy, Chuck Colson and John Mitchell, again to return and haunt the public sphere."

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