Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bush Administration to “Put Off” Making Tax Cuts for the Rich Permanent

The Bush Administration is saying that Katrina is the reason for pushing this – and other items on Bush’s agenda – to the sideline. Said Treasury Secretary Snow:

“It’s taken over the national agenda and I think it will for a while,” Snow said of Katrina. “I think it will push to the back burner some issues that otherwise would have been on the agenda now — the estate tax, tax (cut) permanency, GSEs and other things.” Snow told the National Association of Federal Credit Unions.

Some would say the Administration deserves some credit on this, but if they wanted real credit, they would repeal the tax cuts immediately, as we could desperately use that money, and I think, as a whole, this country is not being asked to sacrifice enough now for the decisions that are being made. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the time of sacrifice will come, but with this deferred pain that the Administration is building up, it will just be that much more painful when it comes.

And, of course, there’s a cynical side of me. There’s always a cynical side, isn’t there? That cynical side whispers in my ear, telling me that the Republicans could Pass a bill now making the tax cuts go away but come back and be permanent in 2008, along with a big public show of the sacrifices Americans have to make to help the victims of Katrina. Then, the Dems win in ’08. Everyone’s happy until they realize that the Democrats have to pass legislation to end the tax cuts. This allows the Republicans to point their fingers and say, "See, they're raising taxes just like we said they would!"

I hope the cynical side of me is wrong.

Also, could we stop the flip-flopping please? I’m getting nauseous. First they say we can’t increase the taxes to pay for Katrina because that would hurt the economy. Now this. Enough already.

Oh, and a follow-up to yesterday's piece on Representative Richard Pombo and his wish to gut the Endangered Species Act. Jessica from Cellar Door and I teamed up on a research/investigative piece to find out more about who this guy is, what he represents, and just how much he is mouthing the words of his donors. Turns out, it's quite a bit, which probably should come as no surprise. She posted it to DailyKos last night, and I highly recommend checking it out. We may also be looking into other ways to get the story out there as this bill moves forward.

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only one nasty comment so far...

Posted by Blogger Jessica @ 9:21 AM #

So far so good! I want to get cracking on the follow-up soon...

Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 9:33 AM #

...and I took the troll bait. Bad crimnos! Bad!

Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 9:40 AM #

I can't believe there are still trolls on Dkos...

Posted by Blogger Jessica @ 10:34 AM #

Yeah, typical Republican tactics, too. Create confusion surrounding the actual intent of the article and question the science. I've seen it on evolution before. I would very much like to blow this guy out of the water with a piece on Endangered Species, though, so off to Wikipedia and Google I go...

Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 11:17 AM #

I think it's laughable when the average republican tries to pretend to be smart or intellectual

Posted by Blogger Jessica @ 3:38 PM #
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