Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bush Outright Banning Media from New Orleans

NOTE: I posted this when I was running out of the office. Now that I've had some time to dig, it turns out that there is only one source on this so far. I wouldn't file it as "likely", but it is a possibility. I'll keep it up for historical purposes, but I'm not hitting the roof just yet.

Not too much time to comment, but wanted it up here. HOW is this happening in America? From Americablog:

BREAKING: Bush banning all media from New Orleans
by John in DC - 9/07/2005 03:07:00 PM

UPDATE: Will someone from the ACLU please contact me immediately about this. We need a lawsuit, now.

Bob Brigham has just reported - and this is why we need OUR folks on the ground, to report this stuff - the military is banning all reporters from New Orleans. Outrageous. If you kill a couple thousand people, you definitely want to keep the media and the public from finding out.

Bush is literally trying to hide the bodies. This is beyond outrageous.

They're trying to hide the bodies. Who the hell does Bush think he is? So much for the First Amendment, so much for the Constitution, so much for a democratic government.

Hey, Democrats, time to speak up LOUDLY. This is what military regimes do, what dictatorships do, it's not what democracies do. We don't hide our dead bodies in our to spare our leaders their well-due shame.

I hope the media is all over this.

As we already know, Bush is banning the media from taking any photos of the dead. So here's a thought:

Get a media helicopter, fly in, and let them shoot you down. Do you really think the Natl Guard is going to shoot down CNN? Especially if they have a few Democratic congressmen on board? Doubt it. And are they going to arrest those Democratic congressmen for taking photos of the recovery? Doubt it.

PS And Kyle is still on his way as our correspondent - we're not gonna let some petty dictator stop us.

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