Thursday, September 29, 2005

Can't Sleep...How about some DeLay Quotes?

DeLay on Hardball:

"I don't know what he's charging me with."

"TrimPAC has nothing to do with me... I was simply along on an advisory board; they used my name for fundraisers."

"Democrat [sic] parties and Republican parties do the same thing."

"TrimPAC was my idea. I asked to be on the advisory board."

"In Texas, you can raise corporate money to pay your rent, just not put it in someone else's campaign."

"I know very few of those people [money beneficiaries]."

"He's trying to rewrite the law, trying to criminalize the election process."

"His goal was to make me step down as majority leader."

"Grand juries is [sic] always one-sided. This is a ham-sandwich grand jury without the ham."

"Can't get me in the election, so they're doing it like this."

"Democrat leaders" conspired with Earle... including Pelosi. "They announced on their website they were going to come after me."

"Martin Cross, Pete Doggett... punishment for redistricting."

"He dun even go inna his office." [Earle]

"DCCC was shopping this story yesterday." ["proves" it was a setup]

"Dems did us a favor... we're now united as never before to pass our agenda."

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