Saturday, September 03, 2005

Chertoff: Katrina scenario did not exist

Heh, yeah, he said this today. The geniuses we have working in Washington... - Chertoff: Katrina scenario did not exist - Sep 3, 2005
However, experts for years had warned of threat to New Orleans

Saturday, September 3, 2005 Posted: 2321 GMT (0721 HKT)

Defending the U.S. government's response to Hurricane Katrina, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff argued Saturday that government planners did not predict such a disaster ever could occur.

But in fact, government officials, scientists and journalists have warned of such a scenario for years.

Chertoff, fielding questions from reporters, said government officials did not expect both a powerful hurricane and a breach of levees that would flood the city of New Orleans.

"That 'perfect storm' of a combination of catastrophes exceeded the foresight of the planners, and maybe anybody's foresight," Chertoff said.

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