Friday, September 23, 2005

Congress has a Plan to Cut the Deficit!

Hint: It doesn’t include getting rid of tax cuts for the rich! What it does include is tons and tons of cuts to social and energy programs, all of which will benefit the industries that will “pick up the slack in these troubled times”. This has my blood boiling. It’s simple addition by subtraction: cut the programs people need and they’re forced to send their money to whatever industry owns a Congressman. I’m so sick of the lack of representation in this country, of how we’re viewed as sponges to be squeezed of every single dollar we own.

Or, this is an attempt to write an awful amendment that will get shot down so the Republicans can say "oh well we tried to be fiscally responsible but the LIEberal Dumb-o-crats blocked it".

Seriously, though, some of this stuff is absolutely outrageous. In summary, the Republican committee's idea of fiscal responsibility is to spend all your (taxpayer) money on war and cut any investment into the future of America.

As an exercise, I’ve grouped these ideas by the industries they stand to benefit, and bolded the really, REALLY outrageous stuff (there’s just too much to choose from):

Health Care (6 Items)

Finance Industry (10 Items)

Energy Industry (12 items)

Land Development and Real Estate (10 Items)

Agribusiness (2 Items)

Fundies (7 Items)

General Conservative Boogeymen (read: Goddamn, these guys are racist) (10 Items)

Uhm, how, exactly, is this a Representative Democracy?

Posted by crimnos @ 8:44 AM

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We have a representative Plutocracy/Oligarchy. The United CEO's of America.

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