Monday, September 19, 2005

Crosspost from Cellar Door: $1 Billion Dollars STOLEN from Iraq

Just saw this on Cellar Door and had to post Jessica's response. I would rant and rave myself, but she pretty much captures the essence of the anger that I'm feeling - and past that, to outline the real problems that this causes for the soldiers and the people of Iraq. This is despicable, and the fact that it will most likely never be sorted out, that people will never be held accountable, makes me want to cry in frustration. Tell me you don't feel this way:

How fake for our government to pat our heroes on the back while stabbing them at the same time. Every year I watch massive cuts endured by first responders, I read reports of the people who sacrificed in 9/11 enduring sickness and disease, because no one will help them, as the Admin. fudged and suppressed all the environmental reports, so they wouldn't be financially complicent in having to care for sick people. God knows what will happen to the first and only responders of Katrina, many of them private citizens and volunteers, who volunteered to sift through toxic sludge and hazardous floodwaters to rescue the desperate and stranded that our government had very obviously already given up on.

Check it out at Cellar Door: $1 Billion Dollars STOLEN from Iraq and a short rant

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