Friday, September 30, 2005

Live Cats and Dogs Used as Shark Bait

As if the Endangered Species issue didn't already have me sad enough...this comes along. I think the only proper response is: :(

Here's the text from the site...I wouldn't go there if I were you, the picture there, well, it's not blood and guts, but it will ruin your day. I'll provide the link for the petition at the bottom. Here's the text:

The RSPCA is shocked and appalled at the use of live dogs and cats as bait in shark fishing, reported recently on the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean.

It is understood that stray animals are rounded up by local fishermen for the purpose.

RSPCA International senior programme manager Paul Littlefair says: "This is one of the most brutal and distressing stories that we've come across. The use of a live animal in this illegal and barbaric way, involving the binding of its legs with wire and piercing of the muzzle with large hooks, is unjustifiably cruel.

"Given Réunion's status as a French overseas département, we strongly urge the French government to take immediate steps to enforce its animal protection legislation and end this horrific practice.
Members of the public should address their concerns to the French embassy to help put pressure on those in charge in order to bring this ghastly activity to an immediate halt."

Sign the petition here. I'm going to see if there's something more that can be done.

Posted by crimnos @ 9:42 AM

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The general tone of my life seems to be that if I'm not politically pissed off by 9:00...then assume I must be dead or in a coma...

I'm just so tired of this, and feeling like I can not do anything to really help the situation. I really have to keep reading and improving so I can run for office and feel like I've got some power to make some headway.

Posted by Blogger Jessica @ 10:07 AM #

Boy, do I know what you mean. I was in a really upbeat mood this morning, too.

It really does seem like the only solution these days is to run for office yourself. Then you have to be able to scrape together the money to do it. Starting at the lower levels, though, that might be an answer...I've contemplated the idea myself.

Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 10:14 AM #

God, what is WRONG with people these days??

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I signed the petition and sent it along to my wife.

Posted by Blogger james @ 2:07 PM #
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