Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Oh Good Lord, No: Affleck for Virginia Senator?

Listen, I dislike George Allen as much as anyone else, but please, please, PLEASE Virginia Democrats, do not run Ben Affleck for Senator. If you want to continue to gain standing in this state, do not go down this path. You will only become a running joke.

Posted by crimnos @ 1:04 PM

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somebody should convince him to run for a smaller office first....a way smaller office. The man has NO experience.

Furthermore, does he even live in Virginia? All the photos I see of him are shot in LA. Maybe he should run for governor there. Can't get much worse than Arnold

Posted by Blogger Jessica @ 1:54 PM #

I know, and I have absolutely no doubt that the Virginia Republicans (who are already permanently stuck in attack mode) would seize on his inexperience and his status as a "Hollywood bigshot" to shoot him down. There's no way he could ever be successful in Virginia as a whole, unfortunately.

Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 2:26 PM #
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