Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Okay seriously I really did just choke on my lunch

Got this in my email just a minute ago from CNN:

President Bush says he takes responsibility for the federal government's failures in responding to Hurricane Katrina.

No...really, you think??

I guess when there's no other defense left...now let's just see how much "responsibility" he really does take. My guess: this is about as much as he will take.

Posted by crimnos @ 12:30 PM

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I just received the link from Yahoo. Outrageous...OUTRAGEOUS.

I'm speechless...while he's at it he should take blame for his environmental, economic, and warmongering blunders too!

Is hell freezing over?

Posted by Blogger Jessica @ 1:41 PM #

Well, now that I see what CNN left out, I see how he's going to spin this:

"To the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsbility."

Now the question is, what is that extent?

Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 2:10 PM #

Yeah, he's trying to look like he's taking responsibility while not taking responsibility. I think that he is trying to spin stuff because of his disasterous poll numbers.

Posted by Blogger james @ 6:34 PM #
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