Monday, October 31, 2005

Bill Bolling, Lt. Governor Candidate, says: HURRRR

Wanted to share this. This is what passes for an acceptable campaign advertisement in Virginia these days. With Kilgore setting the tone, I guess it's only natural that these folks follow.

You see, apparently, immigrants are terrorists or whoever it is "attacking our way of life," except the ones who want to work for a living, which is apparently worse, and the ones who want to go to college and prove all the crap about leeching welfare wrong, which we can't allow because then we can't have such fine campaign ads. We know Bill Bolling is not going to stand for that because he once stood next to a police officer and he didn't check the "Reward Illegal Immigrants" box.

Posted by crimnos @ 3:22 PM

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that's disgusting.

Posted by Blogger Jessica @ 5:12 PM #

That is just juvenile, using her initials to slur her as a liberal.

Posted by Blogger Mikey's Momma @ 1:20 PM #
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