Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bob Marshall: Grade-A Ass

Received this in the mail from fellow activist Geri, and it pertains to my elected Virginia delegate...

Please read all the way to bottom. This is an introduction to one of the big tragedies of local politics in VA...

Do you live in the 13th district?


Is Bob Marshall your delegate?
YES, and my interaction with him has been...well, not so good.

If so, I believe there are a few things you need to know. (If you don't, read on anyway. . . it's an eye-opener and also a peek into how to write an effective ad!)

I published a flyer for people in VA who don't know what this delegate has been up to. It is useful because it gives citizens something to talk with their neighbors about. Below there is a link to the campaign web site. I believe everyone on this list, and any who have worked with me in the past, should give some money to help Bruce. He has a good campaign, and the whole state of VIRGINIA will benefit from the overthrow of the right-winger-gone-whacko, Del. Marshall. . . Listen to this... (The
half sheet flyer itself is available in PDF if anyone wants to see it, or wants to print copies of it:

Headlined, "What You Should Know About Your Virginia Delegate", it shouts at the bottom: "Vote Him Out on Nov 8!"

"Do you wonder why nothing is being done about soaring college tuitions, traffic congestion or crowded schools? Maybe your delegate is not concerned about the same things you are. Maybe he is preoccupied. . .

1) Imagine you’ve been married 8 years, trying to have kids, but no pregnancy comes naturally. Your delegate, Mr. Marshall, believes it is adultery to use artificial insemination to try to start a family. He wrote a book, Blessed are the barren. “Pro-Family” means encouraging married couples to raise a family. Del. Marshall seems to be Anti-Family.

2) Imagine your daughter is 15. You’ve long ago had ‘the talk’. No parent wants their teen to be sexually active. But, if she IS, and you help her try to get birth control, even in the case of rape, Del. Marshall would make you a felon. Mr. Marshall would make felons out of parents who try to protect their daughters. That is Anti-Family. Source: HB1807, 2005 General Assembly

3) Imagine the Biggest Waste of Time by a Government Official. Mr. Marshall spent your tax dollars trying to ban the distribution of contraception to adults who wish to avoid pregnancy at state colleges in Virginia! He wasted his valuable time drafting legislation for pregnant women on death row, even though there hasn’t been a woman - PREGNANT OR NOT - executed since 1912. Source: HB1814, 2005 Session;
HB1812, 2005 General Assembly

No Solutions for Traffic Congestion. . . None for Soaring Tuitions and Overcrowded Schools. Mr. Marshall is anti-family because he forgets the REAL issues that need addressing -- traffic, tuitions, and schools. Instead, he supports taking tens of thousands of dollars away from overcrowded public schools. Source: HB1811, 2005 Gen. Assembly.

Bob Marshall: Anti-Family and Out of Touch!"

VISIT BRUCE2005.ORG and donate money to contribute to a color mailer going out soon, post a yard sign if you are local, or help by volunteering.


I THANK you for helping. . . because Bob Marshall is *MY* delegate, and I am sick to death of his preoccupation with sex and morality. And, there are only 5 weeks left to produce what he rightfully is due, a defeat!

Your friend and ally,

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