Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Catholic churches lead signature drive for ban on gay marriage

I know this shouldn't be surprising, but somehow it is. I suppose I had some sort of illusion that Catholics were more tolerant when it came to judging others. It seems I was mistaken. Also, seriously, can we get rid of this "for the good of society" argument? You shouldn't be able to spout that unless you can provide some sort of proof that society is going to collapse because Adam and Steve can get married. Ugh. It just leaves a foul taste in my mouth. Read on...

BOSTON --The campaign to end gay marriage has found traction in the state's churches, with thousands of Catholics and other worshippers lending their signatures to a petition drive seeking to abolish same-sex unions in Massachusetts.

With the backing of the state's four Roman Catholic bishops, opponents of gay marriage set up shop at more than 200 churches across this heavily Catholic state, and some Protestant churches also joined in the effort.

"It just seems so strange for me to stand here today and preach what I think is so obvious: Marriage is between a man and a woman," said the Rev. Walter Waldron, pastor of St. Patrick Church in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood, who used his Sunday homily to rally support for the ballot initiative.

"It's not just our faith," he said. "It's for the good of society."

Organizers said they had collected about 25,000 signatures since Sept. 21, The Boston Globe reported Monday, including thousands gathered at churches over the weekend. They must collect more than 65,000 signatures before Nov. 23 for the question to qualify for the 2008 ballot, but sponsors hope to gather double that number to protect against a challenge.

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Good of society? Didn't some of these groups use that argument for Jim Crow and segregation?

This is exactly why I left the Catholic Church

Posted by Blogger Jessica @ 11:52 AM #

Exactly. I'm through with this "good of society" and "decline of moral values" crap. Next time someone tells me that, I'm making them put up or shut up.

But but the Baptists say the Catholics are Lie-berals :(

Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 12:15 PM #

Good of society? How do gay people threaten society?? Maybe they are trying to reassert this obsurd agruement that gay people threaten the procreation of the human population on Earth!!!

I think Christians and most other people more then take care of the "multiple and replenish the Earth" deal.

Posted by Blogger james @ 3:44 PM #

The argument I've always heard when it comes to the "good of society" is that homosexuality encourages loose morals...Santorum's famous dog argument comes to mind. Nevermind that, logically, it makes no damn sense to equate the two. Logic has no place in these arguments.

Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 3:59 PM #


Yeah, I've heard the loose morals argument too. How absurd. As if straight people don't have enough "loose morals" themselves.

Not to mention those "pios" Christians. Who KNOWS what goes on behind their closed doors and closets.

Posted by Blogger james @ 5:14 PM #

I live in Boston, too, and I must say that I did expect this sort of thing. But...in many ways, they're simply preaching to the converted, as the saying goes. If you read other blogs and chat with people in and around Boston, you probably won't find many who oppose gay marriage. At least I haven't. So I really don't know how much effect this so-called signature drive will have. But shame on them!

Posted by Blogger ShakespearesEdge @ 1:18 PM #
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