Monday, October 03, 2005

Crazy Fundamentalist Running for Governor; Alabama says "Oh, is it Tuesday already?"

That's right, folks, Roy Moore, the man who had the guts to stand up against the separation of Church and State, an inspiring example for every nutball fundie across these united states, is running for Governor of Alabama.

Okay, listen close, Alabama. Here's your chance to show the rest of the country that you're not as insane and backwards as you're portrayed to be. You can show us that you don't oppose the basic rights and tenets of our nation, and that, hey, that whole inbred hick thing? Just a stereotype. Seriously, you guys can do it.


Posted by crimnos @ 9:09 PM

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Funny you bring up Roy Moore. Have you done any reading on the Constitution Party or Conservative Caucus. I've been following this stuff for months...they are CRAZY!

Posted by Blogger Jessica @ 11:19 PM #

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Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 6:29 AM #

Yes! They represent all that is wrong with Southern Populist politics these days, and believe me, I know, my hometown is built on a foundation of Southern Populist politics. They think Roy Moore is an American hero. Brrr...*shivers*

Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 6:30 AM #


Posted by Blogger Jessica @ 10:02 AM #

I wonder if he looses that then he will try to run for President and pick David Duke as his running mate. Oh was that over the top? Sorry, I'm pissed whenever I hear about Moore.

Posted by Blogger james @ 3:48 PM #

Now there's something that would have us writing for years...well, until they have us locked up, anyway.

Posted by Blogger crimnos @ 4:00 PM #
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