Thursday, October 06, 2005

Falwell Now Backing Miers

Seriously, what do these guys know that we don’t? First Dobson, and now Falwell, are saying that they are sure she’s in line with their agenda, despite the fact that the Administration refuses to take a stand on the true nature of her appointment.

I’m sick of stealth appointments, and I’m sick of playing politics with everything. Will this Administration ever play it straight with us?

Dr. Jerry Falwell Backing Harriet Miers For Supreme Court

Dr. Jerry Falwell, during an appearance in Chattanooga on Wednesday night, said he backs Harriet Miers for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Speaking to a gathering of Baptist ministers at the annual Southwide Baptist Fellowship at Highland Park Baptist Church, he said he stood behind President George W. Bush in supporting his second nominee to the Supreme Court.

Breaking with many of his conservative allies, he called Ms. Miers a "woman of great character, and a lover of Christ."

He said he spoke with the President about the nomination and was reassured that she will be a reliably conservative justice.
Mr. Falwell also stated he trusts President Bush's judgment and will work for Miers' nomination against what he sees as the hard-line Democratic opposition in the Senate, consisting mainly of Sens. Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy, Chuck Schumer and Richard Durban, who "would vote no on Jesus."

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"woman of great character, and a lover of Christ."

Do I have a dirty mind or does this sound like he is saying that she is an actual lover of Christ? That's what it sounded like to me.

Ugh, Falwell.

It just shows that the Bush administration is run by evangelicals. They get insider information and our own elected Senators do not (especially if they are Dem's).

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