Friday, October 28, 2005

Fitzmas: Bolton Enters the Picture

"On or about June11 or 12, 2003, the Under Secretary of State orally advised Libby in the White House that, in sum and substance, Wilson's sife worked at the CIA and the State Deparment personnel were saying that Wilson's sife was involved in the planning of the trip."

The Under Secretary of State at the time was John Bolton.

Also: Fitzgerald's spokesman, Randall Samborn, said the investigation will continue but with a new grand jury. The term of the current grand jury cannot be extended beyond today.

This means a good three, four months of reintroducing all the evidence from this grand jury before he even gets started on new stuff.

The good news is this will probably be picking up steam just in time for the '06 midterms.

Posted by crimnos @ 1:59 PM