Friday, October 28, 2005

Fitzmas: MORE

Andrea Mitchell on indictment document:

* White House was concerned about Wilson; had discussions on how to rebut his claims.
* Libby told someone (before Novak leak) in WH he couldn't discuss Plame "on an insecure [phone] line."
* Libby was trying to blame reporters for leak, when he was actually a source.

David Shuster:

* Libby found out about Plame from State, then asked CIA to give him more info on Wilson/Plame.
* He then went to white house counsel (Miers? May be counsel to VP; who's that?) to see what else could be done to tarnish Wilson.
* Rove thought to be "Official A."

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Ya, but you missed that its Halloween and Fitz expired today. Yes, he lost his head and career and DOJ to CIA.

Scared yet?

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