Saturday, October 01, 2005

Republican Political Machine Slowly Collapsing...

At least, that's what it sounds like in this article. I suppose it's just a matter of time now before the inherent problems in the machine bring it down. It's just not happening fast enough.

Embattled Republicans Seek to Regain Control of Agenda

WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 - After a brutal political month, Republicans are scrambling both to reassure their conservative base and to send a broader message to the American public - that they are, in fact, confronting the real-world issues of soaring gas prices, Hurricane Katrina relief, Iraq and immigration, while the Democrats are consumed with partisan warfare.

In a range of interviews on Friday, Republicans acknowledged the shock waves of the last few weeks, capped by the indictment of Representative Tom DeLay of Texas, the House majority leader, which forced the reorganization of the Republican House leadership even as it struggled to deal with the fallout from Hurricane Katrina.

"It's been a difficult week, I'm not going to sugarcoat it," said Representative David Dreier, the chairman of the Rules Committee, who has assumed new duties in the reshuffling. "We know we've got a big challenge ahead, but we've got an agenda."

Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York and chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, agreed. "You get your job done," he said. "You can't panic. Even though our poll numbers are going down, there's no great love for the Democrats, no great support."


"Still, some Republicans remain dismayed at their party's plight, and some of the strongest assessments come from Republicans with national ambitions. "The Republican Party has taken some real body blows and is on the ropes right now," said Tim Pawlenty, the Republican governor of Minnesota. Because of recent events, he added, "Democrats basically have been keeping their mouth shut and watching as the Republicans kind of implode."

In the meantime...oh, Democrats!

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interesting blog!

Posted by Blogger Humour and last laugh @ 10:50 PM #

OH GOD YES!!! I wish the Dem's would get a spine and just knock the GOP the F**K OUT ALREADY!! DAMN!!!!

Posted by Blogger james @ 6:21 PM #
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