Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Horse Race 2005: Daily Kos: Dueling Turnout Numbers

From the Hotline's blog:

Take this with a grain of chad:

Two sources who have access to the 4:00 pm data update provided by the Democratic coordinated campaign in Viginia say that turnout in African American precincts around Richmond, Roanoke and Charlotesville are higher than projections. That's good news, if true, for Dems, who worried about the coordinated campaign's African American GOTV program.

Dems are also seeing higher than projected turnout in white NoVA precincts.

GOP data provided to us by Republicans suggests the opposite -- that white voters are not turning out in sufficient enough numbers in NoVA to pad Kaine's totals. GOP data also suggests that their targets in the Richmond suburbs are turning out in higher than expected numbers.

We'll know the results soon enough. (Hopefully.)

Posted by crimnos @ 7:02 PM