Monday, February 27, 2006

Iran: We Will Attack Dimona in Response to U.S. Attack

Boy, the end-timers must be giddy with this. I know, I know, Iran most likely couldn’t strike with a conventional air force, and of course Israel has its ABM, but maybe…just maybe…what if they have a way to get a nuke to that reactor?

…naaaah. This was just the Iranian president's weekly inflammatory statement.

"If the United States launches an attack on Iran, the Islamic republic will retaliate with a military strike on Israel's main nuclear facility.

Dr. Abasi, an advisor to Iran's Revolutionary Guard, said Tehran would respond to an American attack with strikes on the Dimona nuclear reactor and other strategic Israeli sites such as the port city of Haifa and the Zakhariya area.

Haifa is also home to a large concentration of chemical factories and oil refineries.

Zakhariya, located in the Jerusalem hills is - according to foreign reports - home to Israel's Jericho missile base. Both Israeli and international media have published commercial satellite images of the Zakhariya and Dimona sites.

Abasi, a senior lecturer at Tehran University, was quoted in the Roz internet news site, identified with reform circles in Iran."

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