Friday, May 12, 2006

DHS Protects us from Terrorists by Shutting Down a Movie Review Site

Kacey found this one on Daily Kos... I just...there are no words to convey how ridiculous this is, so I'll let Maryscott OConnor do the talking in her diary...

This is absolutely absurd.

The marvelous film criticism site Pajiba (for which I was briefly a critic) is shut down...

Greetings -

As you can see, is a mess. We were as surprised as anyone when the site went down yesterday, but based on the limited information we have, it looks like the Department of Homeland Security has seized the disk drive on which our site was hosted, and apparently they've also taken the backup files. So for the time being, has no data, and we don't think DHS has any intention of returning the hard drive to our hosting company anytime soon. I suppose we shared server space with some punk who threatened the President or something, and now anyone on that server has to suffer the consequences. Frankly, the entire debacle is pretty heart-wrenching for us, and thus far, completely out of our control. We have no idea when, or if, the disk drives will be returned.

In the meantime, we've decided to copy all of our old reviews from their Google caches (thank God for Google), and do our best to rebuild the entire site from scratch, bottom up; (which, for me, means relearning a lot of things on Movable Type). So for the next few days, the place is gonna look like Oprah's couch after Tom Cruise has had his way with it. We'll do our best to get the most recent reviews up in as timely a manner as possible, and then we will start adding the archives. I'm not sure what that will mean for this weekend's reviews yet, unfortunately, but I'm not resting until I get this place back into a respectable place to visit.

Anyway, thanks for your patience ... thanks for dropping by ... and we do hope you'll return after we get our shit together. In the meantime, I suppose we can all thank either the Bush Administration or the dumbass terrorists threatening our government, depending on your politics.


Dustin Rowles


I don't know WHAT the fuck to make of it. These people make a goddamned LIVING off that site, and now, with no explanation, the DHS fucking SEIZES their work material?

Can you imagine the ramifications of shit like this? Imagine pissing off someone in the DHS and coming in to the office to discover your livelihood has just been shattered because you pissed off the wrong fucking Politburo asswipe.

THAT'S what this fucking is, man. Remember those Russian bad guys we vilified throughout the Cold War in decades of movies and television? THEY'RE WORKING IN THE BUSH REGIME, NOW.

Congratulate the Bush Administration, man. They've turned us into the fucking KGB-riddled Soviet fucking Union.

Posted by crimnos @ 11:23 AM

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you got it....K-G-B

I had a professor in the 70's who predicted we would come to this. I remember imagining how absolutely horrible it must be to live in a country whose media "reports" only gov sanctioned "news"; and, of course, the stress of living under the thumb of a KGB-like agency...not knowing when your life may be ripped away from you due to a vengeful "patriotic" neighbor or whatever unknown sends a person to the salt mines.

Here we are.

What's next? Iron Curtain??

Posted by Blogger Deb @ 2:20 PM #
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