Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Sample of Fox News "Headlines"

Thanks to the Something Awful Forums...

7:16pm: “Pres Chavez: Narcissistic personality disorder?”;

10:54am: “How dare Hugo Chavez blast the United States?”;

11:02am: “Should we stop buying Chavez’s gas from [Venezuela-owned] Citgo stations?”;

11:59am: “Chavez insults U.S.: Where is the outrage?”;

12:29pm: “Should U.S. continue to fund U.N. after applause for Chavez?”;

12:54pm: “Will leaders pay the price for supporting Chavez?”;

1:26pm: “Is President Chavez becoming a threat to U.S. national security?”;

4:06pm: “Taking cheap oil from Hugo Chavez: Act of treason?”;

5:34pm: “NY audience gives Chavez standing ovation… Why?”

Also, the comment: “U.S. giving U.N. $5 mil a day to get insulted.”

Posted by crimnos @ 11:20 AM

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Boy, the sure love the question mark or do they? lol.

Posted by Blogger james @ 12:54 AM #
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